وَكُلُوا۟ وَاشْرَبُوا۟ وَلَا تُسْرِفُوٓا۟ ۚ إِنَّهُۥ لَا يُحِبُّ الْمُسْرِفِينَ

And eat and drink but do not be wasteful Allah does not love the wasters

Qur’an, The Ramparts (Al Araf) – 7:31

This section of our web site contains news about how the Islamic environmental ethic translates itself into action. We have attempted to interpret the knowledge base we have developed into practical realities and the result is quite gratifying although we know that this is only the beginning. From saving fish stocks in Zanzibar to preventing deforestation in Indonesia our scope is wide and the range without limit. As you will see we have also been engaged in green mosque campaigns and Islamic garden surveys and the point about all the work we do is to explore possibilities and set examples so that others may take the lead from this and replicate them wherever they may be. We endeavour to work in partnership with others wherever this is possible and if you wish to see this work multiply please support us generously.