Draft Charter

The compilation of this charter will be managed by the charter team. You will note from their bios that they are seasoned practitioners but also of a kind who will listen to others. This is why we are open to anyone who wishes to participate in this project and if you wish to comment or supply information that would supplement the work of the team please get in touch with us at charter@ifees.org.uk.

Potential contributors to the draft may wish to have recourse to the following two resources both for study and background information. They are:

Environmental Protection in Islam (Second edition 1994). The first edition of this resource was published in 1983 and this tells us that people have been thinking about this matter for nigh on thirty years. This was a joint venture between IUCN (Paris based International Conservation Union) and (MEPA) Meteorology and Environmental Protection Agency, Saudi Arabia and it is also worth noting that one of the members of our charter drafting team was part of the editorial board.

  • If you wish to download this resource please click here for Environmental Protection in Islam.
  • If you wish to browse through the Earth Charter please click here.