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IFEES has been active in this work for over twenty five years and is now recognised as the leading Islamic international environmental agency in the field

Our Work

We have pioneered Islamic environmental education and developed training and project techniques Stretching from Nigeria to Indonesia

Global Benefits I


  • Environmental protection
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Self sufficiency
  • Sustainability

Global Benefits II


  • Helping to avert catastrophe
  • Leaving a positive legacy for the future
  • Contributing to international goodwill

Guaranteed to affirm Islam as a global influence for the good of all humankind

Please support this work to multiply it a thousand fold!

What we will do with the support we get

  • Continue to develop a knowledge base inspired by Islamic teachings.
  • Share this knowledge by producing educational material.
  • Develop training programmes based on this knowledge and create a worldwide network of trainers.
  • Develop projects on the ground based on this knowledge.
  • Develop networks dedicated to this work.
  • Share this knowledge in seminars, conferences and other public fora.
  • Disseminate this work through the use of media, information technology and other available channels.

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