The Earth is One

فَاسْتَبِقُوا۟ الْخَيْرَٰتِ

Compete with each other in doing good works

Qur’an, The Table (Al Ma’ida) – 5:48


We believe that in this competition to save planet earth from further destruction there cannot be any losers. If every competitor plants more trees and if the Indonesians for example, succeed in coming out on top by not only planting more trees, but stopping the destruction of their rain forests we all win. If on the other hand the Indonesians allow vast areas of their forests to be decimated by fire or the chain saw to plant more oil palm for profit we all lose. The people who make the profit may think that they have won but in the end their actions will sooner or later impact on them and their children. The earth is one and in the ecological sense it has no boundaries. View link.

If we think like this, national boundaries which are just lines on a map take on a different significance. Nation states engage in a race for growth – another kind of competition that satisfies our selfish consumerist needs which at the other end of the supply chain destroys rain forests and much more. The earth’s eco systems are in balance (mizan – Qur’an 55:5, 6, 7). The weather systems, the mountains, the rivers, the forests, the seas all work together to maintain this balance. We, the human race, have now become a force of nature (Anthropocene, Anthropogenic) and have disrupted this balance. We now need to change the way we compete so that all competitors can be winners. If we all win planet earth will win and so will our children who inherit this planet from us.