As part of our campaign to encourage mosques to set a positive example around Islamic environmental stewardship for their communities, IFEES/EcoIslam are advocating a more sustainable approach to the communal iftar working toward reducing the environmental impact of such events.

World Environment Day #WorldEnvironmentDay falls this year on 20th of Ramadan and has the theme of “Beat Plastic Pollution” and so IFEES/EcoIslam is encouraging mosques to hold  a Plastic Free Iftar #PlasticFreeIftaron that day.

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Islamic Declaration on Global Climate Change

What is our response towards climate change as its impact on our daily lives becomes increasingly apparent? 

Read the Islamic declaration on climate change by clicking the link below.”

See the Declaration Page here →

PDF Versions: 

Arabic→   English→     French→    Turkish→    Indonesian→    Kiswahili→ 

Urdu→  Spanish→ Malay→ German→ Italian→

NEW! English/Arabic Poster Version of the declaration (click image below). Please feel free to print this out and distribute it to your community.




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About Ifees


IFEES is a UK based charity dedicated to the maintenance of the Earth as a healthy habitat for all living beings. Our exertions since the mid 1980s have been directed towards creating mass awareness and include research, the production of teaching materials, training and project development and we offer this work as a gift to our fellow humans whoever and wherever they may be. This is also a call to Muslims to live up to their responsibilities as guardians (Khalifa – Qur’an 6:167) of Allah’s creation and work towards leaving a liveable earth for future generations. We network world-wide and invite collaboration from organizations and individuals of all persuasions who agree with our vision.

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Birmingham – Clean Medina

Jihad against litter in the City of Birmingham UK


Integrating Religion within Conservation: Islamic Beliefs and Sumatran Forest Management

People, planet and climate change – Fazlun Khalid

Speech given by Fazlun Kahlid at the Religions for the Earth conference, New York, Sept 2014


Integrating Religion within Conservation: Islamic Beliefs and Sumatran Forest Management