Talking Point Issue 2: Don’t Burn Leaves

It is now not an uncommon experience to hear of human induced forest fires in Indonesia, Brazil and other parts of the world that is steadily eroding the birth right of future generations. But what seems to have passed our notice is the annual burning of the autumnal leaf fall in both the northern and southern hemispheres in our gardens, parks and woods which cumulatively cause as much harm as the big fires that catch the headlines.

In this issue of Talking Point we draw your attention to DON’T BURN LEAVES an exceptional documentary produced by the Educational Multimedia Research Centre, University of Kashmir, Srinagar, India.

It not only deals with the consequences of leaf burn in this beautiful and ecologically sensitive part of the world but it also provides solutions drawing lessons from how nature works.

Our thanks are due to Er. Abdul Rashid and his colleagues for enabling us to give their exceptional work the wider coverage it deserves.