This farm Islam project manifests two aspects of the values embodied in the Shariah.

The first is the care and concern shown to orphans and the second, the protection of the environment. Islamic Help, the Birmingham based aid agency, has uniquely integrated the realisation of these two values into its pioneering project in Tanzania. Apart from providing housing for one hundred and sixty orphans in a family centred atmosphere in its thirty acre site this project will incorporate a pilot scheme involving the introduction of hema and harim systems. These systems are shariah based and lay down principles for the management of land and water resources respectively.

As food self sufficiency is one of the primary objectives of this project it is intended to introduce modern techniques derived from permaculture and agro forestry practices within the fold of the hema and harim systems. Food security is foremost in all our minds and this project will operate an open door policy when it comes to sharing the lessons learnt from these endeavours with the local population and further afield. We are delighted to be part of this project as consultants and trainers and wish it the success it so richly deserves.

Thanks to Islamic Help we are able to show you four sections from their extensive video resource that should give you a measure of this undertaking.

Farm Islam Videos

Why We Go Hungry
Rewards of Farming
Balance of Life